Life inside the company

The team of any organization – it’s her heart. On the coherence of his work depends on the success of the entire company. Head Astral Trance very well understands this, so thoroughly suited to the recruitment, the organization of a comfortable working environment and strongly supports a healthy atmosphere in the labor collective. In this article, we’ll show you what our people live on weekdays and weekends, some events are attended by what they do to improve their professional skills and how to relax.

How are our everyday lives

The guarantee of our company’s success – this is our close-knit team of professionals who do not cease to improve and never rest on their laurels. We grow and develop thanks to our customers, because they confront us with new challenges, sometimes seeming overwhelming at first glance, but we always find ways to solve, no matter what it takes. After all, the customer desire – always the law!

Work in Astral Trance – a combination of comfortable atmosphere and interesting tasks. Each team member is given the opportunity to show individuality, to show their abilities, knowledge, talents, and feel needed and useful in the workplace.

Многие сотрудники работают с нами уже не первый год, и они с радостью делятся опытом с молодыми работниками. А новички, в свою очередь, приносят новые идеи и «свежий взгляд» на решение старых задач. Все вместе мы постоянно учимся, посещаем тематические семинары, языковые курсы, осваиваем новые технологии. Бесспорно, высокий результат можно достичь только тогда, когда все члены коллектива ходят с удовольствием на работу и видят результаты своей деятельности. Мы с гордостью можем заявить, что у нас это все есть, и наш коллектив – это большая, дружная семья!

А как же мы отдыхаем?

As already mentioned we have a very friendly and close-knit team of professionals who share a common cause. We managed to achieve, thanks to the visit of team building. These are competitions that promote association workforce and orient it to result due to the overall effort. In addition, we often choose to go fishing, barbecues, cultural and sports events.

On our collective uniquely to say: “One by vseh and all for one!”