Groupage cargo from Europe

Very popular among entrepreneurs, large industrial plants and factories uses service transportation of cargoes from Europe to Ukraine. This service is meant by a transport and delivery of small consignments.

«Tral Service» practicing the delivery of goods from Europe and CIS countries in Ukraine. Extensive experience in the organization and implementation of transportation of cargoes allows us to quickly respond to all the problems and solve them immediately.

Our company for the whole period of its activity tied good partnerships with major consolidation complexes and European customs controls. We have a solid base to our customers and it is increasing every.

The motto of the logistics company “Tral Service” – excellent service and responsibility for us the most important thing. If you order us a shuttle service, you can be absolutely sure about the safety and timing of delivery of the goods from Europe to Ukraine. All questions regarding registration of documents relating to customs clearance, we will undertake. In addition to the list of our services includes the development of best route of movement of goods. This is done in order to minimize the cost of transportation to services.

«Tral Service» The company offers a complete package of services regarding the delivery of goods from the CIS and European countries to Ukraine. Please contact us and you will not regret the choice!

The full package includes:

  • Choice of supplier firms and full payment with this company.
  • Service on the development of the best possible route.
  • Registration of all permits.

Our company in the performance of their direct tasks involve absolutely all human capacity, which results in a guarantee of the successful delivery of your cargo from Europe and the CIS in Ukraine.