Multimodal transportation

Our company is engaged in the organization of international multimodal transport and on the territory of Ukraine. This kind of transportation is used when there is no possibility of directly one mode of transport to send the goods. This can happen for two reasons:

  • Direct communication is not there.
  • The high price for transportation or long term delivery when sending the goods by one mode of transport.

The most common scheme of multimodal transport – transport of goods to a destination within the country by means of road transport to rail stations, sea, river and airports.

Each multi-modal transportation, there is one drawback – it is a large number of connections and reloading of the goods. Therefore, for this type of traffic are taken only company with extensive experience and fully confident of its employees and partners.

Our main rule in all clear and simple:
  • We are focused on long-term cooperation with our customers.
  • The main principles: reliability, honesty, commitment to partnership.
  • Strict implementation of all the items of the signed contract.
  • We are not interested in quick profits, we are interested in long-term and sustained success. And our pricing is confirmed!

In its activities, the company strictly adheres to current legislation of Ukraine, all sectoral regulations and any other regulations.