We accomplish:

  • deliveries of cargoes of the category up to 20 tons by standard tent-covered trucks and semi-trailers;
  • freight transportation by open trucks with the platform length from 9 to 15 ;
  • freight transportation by refrigerators and isothermal trucks and semi-trailers;
  • transportation of agricultural machinery (tractors, combine harvesters, cultivators, spraying machines, fertilizer spreaders, crop collectors, trailers, seed planters, etc.);
  • transportation of in-gauge and out-of-gauge construction equipment with the weight up to 100 tons (cranes, excavators, rollers, bulldozers, drilling rigs, graders, etc.);
  • transportation of out-of-gauge and heavy-weight technological equipment (transformers, pressing machines, processing lines);
  • transportation of workmen's shelters, pavilions, modular premises;
  • transportation of out-of-gauge large-diameter tanks.

Our advantages during performance of transportation services:

  • availability of owned fleet of truck tractors having heavy-duty capacity and high reliability;
  • owned semi-trailers including low-frame platforms with the height of a loading platform from 0.6 m that makes it possible to reduce the load height and minimize expenses during transportation of out-of-gauge cargoes;
  • qualified drivers;
  • specialists on escorting of out-of-gauge cargoes and experienced freight forwarders;
  • moderate price rates and flexible system of discounts;
  • delivery to customers the most complete complex of services: escorting, insurance, assistance in obtaining permits and approvals.

During the time of our practices we checked to see that we are capable to organize and implement in-gauge and out-of-gauge deliveries of any complexity degree, but the most important – our numerous customers managed to be satisfied in this, and who have confidence in assignment to us transportation of cargoes of versatile purposes.