Our eco style

Conscious consumption in all spheres of life – a new trend of our time required, implying a personal responsibility each.

Our company is actively interested in environmental protection and considers it one of the most important components in the development of a successful business. Implements and applies the principles of nature care. This is one of the priorities in our work aimed at minimizing air pollution from transportation.

Every minute of the ecological situation on the planet is adversely affected. Leading position with a minus sign certainly takes the automotive industry, in particular road transport, with its harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Each vehicle in addition to the fuel burns and the air, including oxygen, in an amount immeasurably more human needs. At the same time, vehicle pollution by carbon monoxide, known as carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen dioxide (NO 2), carbon black particles, a variety of lead compounds. All this is generally a very negative impact on the ecological situation.

The causes of air pollution from the use of vehicles with regular services:

  • irregular maintenance (maintenance) of vehicles;
  • as a result, poor avtosostavov;
  • Low levels of fuel quality;
  • presence of harmful impurities in the unverified, low-quality fuel;
  • a small percentage of involvement of environmentally friendly vehicles;
  • the lack of “green” policies in the companies related to road transport.

In order to reduce the harmful effects of the use of motor transportation, our company is guided by the following rules:

  • All vehicles corresponds to not lower than the environmental standard Euro 5 (standard governing the content of harmful substances in the exhaust gases);
  • The company’s staff has a service car with the engineer, who is responsible for monitoring proper technical condition of vehicles at the place of work;
  • Regular “voluntary work” with the staff of the company, during which passes cleaning and landscaping of Kiev parks, recreation in nature.
  • A significant part of the traffic falls on environmentally friendly rail transport.
  • The entire fleet of vehicles regularly undergo maintenance at certified stations.

Caring for the environment and environmental safety can be successfully grow our company, travel thousands of kilometers and increase the number of satisfied customers without breaking the law in the field of care for the environment and natural resources. Moving to the “Tral Service” – is the speed, accuracy, reliability and environmental concerns.