Transportation in Ukraine and international

We provide these services for the carriage of goods:

  • Transport of goods, whose weight does not exceed 20 tonnes by means of semi-trailers and tent cars.
  • Transportation by car with a platform from 9 to 15 meters with an open body.
  • Transportation of isothermal cars and refrigerators.
  • Transportation of large equipment for agriculture.
  • Transportation equipment for the construction of large and small sizes, weight, which must not exceed 100 tonnes.
  • Transportation of industrial and technological equipment which relates to the oversized and / or overweight.
  • Transportation of domestic premises, modules buildings collapsible garages.
  • Transportation of oversized containers of large diameter.

Why you should choose our company:

  • We have a fleet of powerful and reliable tractors.
  • We have low loader, with a minimum height of the loading platform. This reduces the cost of transportation of oversized cargo.
  • Drivers only the highest qualification.
  • Forwarding agents with vast experience and workers specializing in accompanied by oversized cargo.
  • Reasonable pricing and flexible system of discounts for regular customers.
  • Here you get a full range of services: maintenance, insurance and registration assistance in obtaining permits and approvals

We are absolutely confident that we can organize and implement the transportation of goods for various purposes. This we have repeatedly convinced during their activities. And most importantly, our customers, too, have seen this. Proof of this is that they are again and again come to us for transportation services.