Oversized cargo transportation

Loads that size or weight are not suitable for transport in the back of open or closed, or in the container in which the at least one parameter is greater than the standard referred to as oversized . Such goods have a number of features for the carriage of:

  • Require special equipment;
  • The route for the transport to be developed in more detail.
  • Requires special permits.
  • Sometimes you need special support and specially trained drivers.
  • Other requirements, which are set out in the rules of transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes.
The following types of bulky goods:
  • bulky loads – at least one size larger cargo trains boundary marker sizes. These dimensional parameters clearly defined in the sectoral legislation.
  • long loads – length greater than 22 meters or when loading in favor of the rear envelope more than 2 meters.
  • heavy loads – these include those loads whose mass based on the weight of the vehicle weight exceeding 40 tonnes and / or the load on the axle of the vehicle greater than specified in the legislation.

Our company is carrying such bulky goods:

  • equipment for agriculture (seeders, cultivators, harvesters, fertilizer spreaders, etc.)
  • Machinery for construction (hydraulic lifts, tower cranes, hydraulic hammers, drilling cranes, etc.)
  • Diverse industrial and power equipment (rolling mills, lowering and step-up transformers, tanks, equipment for railway).
  • Metal garages, halls, rooms for domestic use, modular structure, etc.
  • Objects with a large radius (drums, pipes for production).
  • Loads of great length (pipes, rails, posts power, etc.)
  • Oversized wooden and metal products.

The greatest difficulties caused by transportation project cargo. Since this type of cargo can not be transported on public roads without prior examination carried out by the route and additional approvals. This requirement is dictated by the particular size and weight of project cargo.

Our company employs professionals with extensive experience in terms of transportation of oversized cargo. We can easily to transport any lengthy, bulky and heavy. And all this will be done as quickly as possible. Also worth noting is that all transportation of oversized manufactured according to current laws and regulations, and safety standards applicable to the transport on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.